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Scroll down to see only a few of the great products we sell. If you need anything suspension related, chances are we sell it. Click on link below for a full version of the Race Tech catalouge. All products are avaliable in Canada at a competitive price.

Air to Coil Spring Conversion System

Do you miss the plush and consistent feel of a coil spring fork?

Are you worried about having your riding day cut short by a blown seal?  

Is it a nuisance to have to check your air pressure in your constantly?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, Race Tech has a solution to your air fork frustrations!  The Race Tech Spring Conversion System (SCS) is available for the Showa TAC, KYB PSF2, and WP AER Forks to convert your air spring to a coil spring.

For the many riders out there not wanting to deal with checking air pressures, the Race Tech SCS is a set it and forget it solution. The Race Tech SCS is designed to transform your forks into an SFF style coil spring fork.  Select the proper rate RT Hi-Performance Spring (sold separately) to compliment your RT Spring Conversion System and you’re ready to hit the track without having to check pressures before each ride any longer!

The RT Spring Conversion Kit for the KYB PSF2 forks requires a revalve when installing the kit.

Race Tech Spring Conversion System includes:

– Spring-side cartridge

– Fork cap

– 100% Guaranteed

– Made in the USA

FRSP 4566 Series Spring Sold Separately 

Retail Price: –  $ Please Call

Fork Suspension / Lowering Kits for HARLEY DAVIDSON

RT Fork Suspension/Lowering Kits are designed to improve the ride, comfort and handling of H-Ds. These kits are offered at a special package price that is less than the individual components.

The kits allow the suspension to be customized for the rider. They include a set of Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators, a pair of Hi-Performance Springs (selected by rider weight) and Lowering Hardware.

The Lowering Hardware allows the option to lower the front end 1″ (many kits allow 2″ inches). Lowering is not required and is recommended for show models only.

Gold Valves

Increased tuneability
Personalized setup
Reduced harshness
Increased bottoming resistance
Improved traction
Consistent feel
Technical support
100% Guraanteed
Made in the USA


The first step to great handling is selecting proper spring rates front and rear. With over 500 Hi-Performance Springs to choose from, Race Tech is almost guaranteed to have the spring you need.
Through years of testing and manufacturing experience, Race Tech has developed a full line of Hi-Performance Springs using the finest materials and processes. RT Springs have the highest stiffness-to-mass ratio in the industry; making them extremely light weight for their particular rate.

G3-S Custom Shocks

Whether you ride a modern bike or vintage, we can build G3-S Custom Shocks that will out-perform your highest expectations. Guaranteed!
G3-S Custom Shocks can be built for almost any motorcycle, ATV, UTV or specialty vehicle.
All G3-S shocks are built to order. They come with Gold Valves and Hi-Performance Lightweight Springs selected for the individual rider’s size, type of riding, and ability. Shocks can be made to any length at no additional charge (well, almost any length).
Altering the length of your shocks may cause clearance issues. It is your responsibility to ensure proper clearance when ordering shocks differing in length from the stock units. Race Tech will not be liable for damages or modifications.


After hours upon hours of engineering, testing, and development; Race Tech has created the ultimate mini bike suspension packages available.
RT Hi-Performance Springs are extremely lightweight and the first important step to a proper setup. Gold Valve Kits for Forks and Shocks are designed to dial in the internal damping characteristics. They provide personalized setup with improved piston designs that provide significantly better flow, a more consistent plush feel with increased bottoming resistance.

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Over 20 years of working in a racing / performance based environment under some of the brightest minds in the suspension / shock business matched with premium quality Race Tech and OEM components will ensure that you get the best product for your money.

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