We are a full service suspension shop, servicing all brands.

Motorcycle Suspension:

Motocross, Mini Bike, Off Road, Snow Bike, Vintage, Trail Riding, Street Bikes, Harley Davidson

Snowmobile Suspension:

Snocross, Trail Riding

ATV / UTV / Off Road Truck Suspension:

Racing, Recreational, Utility

Data Acquisition Service:

With years of testing & race scenario data acquisition and analysis under our belt, we can help race team or recreational riders gain the extra edge.

Race Bike & Snowmobile Prep:

With our years of working on MX & Snow-X factory teams, we can offer great insight and full prep package for your race team or the individual rider.

Why choose AGR Suspension

Over 20 years of working in a racing / performance based environment under some of the brightest minds in the suspension / shock business matched with premium quality Race Tech and OEM components will ensure that you get the best product for your money.

What You Get

My commitment to your satisfaction. Like anything you would pay hard earned money for, you expect the best.