Revalving & Performance Upgrades:

Dirt, Street or Snow:

We offer custom settings for Elka, KYB, SHOWA, WP, FOX, Walker Evans & Ryde FX components.
We understand that very few riders are the same and most have different requirements.
We also have an extensive background in chassis set-up / analysis.

Includes a service, plus we will recalibrate your shim stacks to build a setting that is best suited to your riding style and ability. It is important to note – there is no set template or mold the word “revalve” fits into at our shop. It may be inclusive of the above, or in addition to – include different spring rates, various performance parts and even chassis upgrades.
Once you pay for a “revalve”,  you gain access to a network that can provide useful information and resources to improve your riding experience or race results!

Why revalve with Race Tech Gold Valves?

This is the ultimate upgrade for your suspension. The Gold Valve allows for better flow through the piston providing traction, an extremely plush feel, and drastically improved bottoming resistance.

Gold Valves available for most forks & shock absorbers.